Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This Are Hahn Solo - The Mixtape

What better way to get started then to post a rough and tough mixtape I put together for my friends at This is a totally off the cuff grouping of some of my most favorite cuts as of late...

tape (4.13.2010) dave hahn side (a) by

Japanese Dub Basket - Observer All-Stars
Invasion - Jackie Edwards
Warn The Nation - Yabby U
Can't Explain - Delroy Wilson
Cool Out Son - Junior Mervin
Stop Your Fussing and Fighting - Dennis Brown
The Birth of Reggae Music - Max Romeo
Have You Ever Found A Love - Sugar Minott
People of the World - Sugar Minott
Big Ship - Freddie Mcgregor
I'm Sorry - Gregory Isaacs
Wailing Rudie - Gregory Isaacs
Legalize It - Peter Tosh
Joker Smoker - Tristan Palmer
Don't Smoke The Seed - Michael Palmer
Baltimore - The Tamlins


There is a mixture of excitement and nervousness as I kick things off here at "This Are Hahn Solo". After spending what seems like a lifetime as guitarist, I've spent more and more of my time over the last few years experiencing music by way of my constantly growing record collection. Reggae, dub, and ska have been my consistent focus as I've sought out more and more soulful selections of the good stuff. After spending the last two years hosting a weekly listening session at Motor City Bar with my co-hort Carter Van Pelt, I feel like my record spinning alter ego Hahn Solo has officially arrived.

This site will be a place where I can chronicle this new journey I'm taking and share that with the outside world. Mixtapes will be posted here, and some of my thoughts about my favorite records will certainly see the light of day. And don't be surprised if some discussion of my live group Dub Is A Weapon crops up, as that remains my most direct connection to the harmonic convergence that seems to exist all around us.

In any case, thanks for checking in and I hope you like what you find